Website Registration

Do you know who the registrar is of your website? Chances are alot of people don’t know or understand the difference between registration of a website and hosting. on24web offers both registration and hosting of your website all inclusive in our monthly maintenance plans. We take that guess work out of it for you.

Lets understand Website Registration

Registration – This is essentially the backbone of your business and the name you give it, which controls everything. When you register your website through a multitude of providers, you now take ownership of that name on the internet. No one else can take it from you, unless you let it lapse. Currently there are 50 million plus domain names on the net that have been registered and parked. Parked means nothing has been done with the domain name and it essentially is just sitting there without a website or email attached to it. Most business and personal domain owners gobble up their business names in fear of someone else taking that name and registering it.

What’s Included when you register your domain name with on24web?

Do you know who your registrar is? Guess what, its public information. Check your domains whois data below. Contact me with your questions about registration of your website.

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