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Blog. In today’s post I wanted announce Photography as a new service that is now included in all webdesign packages at NO extra charge for all on24web customers. When I initially started building websites for customers, I found that they had little or photographs of their business. At first I would ask them to gather or photograph their business and give me the images to post to their website projects.

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Greetings from Roger.  Below are a handful of articles I have written to help enhance your website experience for your own business website.  Please feel free to read through all of our entries and as always, do let me know if you have any questions.




Free Webdesign?

Recently I ran up against a scenario about companies that offer free webdesign.  I know everyone including myself are very budget conscious these days. But I also know that if I need to invest in something that is going to benefit my business or personal life, its a very easy decision.  Take for example buying a car for you or your spouse.  We want the best we can for ourselves or others and therefore will not skimp on what is good and safe. I can tell you without a doubt that your safest bet is to in fact invest a little bit up front for your business on the website end. It is what I’ve said all along to all of my customers that your best marketing tool hands down is your website. I will keep saying this statement for years to come.

So the point to all of this is that even though these things can be free, please know that the old saying will always apply, you get what you pay for. Why have the one thing that is your best money maker fail?  Our site analytics tell us that you have a matter of seconds to engage that user who has just landed on your website.  We’re all savvy searchers and we know what we want.  The look of your website should be an engagement tool for your audience and if you don’t make that connection right away with an appealing page, users simply leave.  Think of the revenue you are leaving on the table just by that one quick user experience that saw your website and immediately left.  We all have great services that we offer to our audience, but how we market to them is the first step to engaging them.  Don’t skimp with Free Webdesign.  I promise, the price you will pay with Free Webdesign will only make your business suffer in the short and long terms.

See how on24web can you establish your mark on the Web with quality Web design that is the very best in the market.  Call or contact me today

Tips For Your Website

One of the things I get asked quite a bit from the people I network with and new clients is “do you just design my website, or is there more? The short answer is, there’s alot more that I provide for my clients and I can guarantee hands down, its much more then any other designer does for their clients.

So lets break it down a little bit so its more digestible. My plan for each client is to assess their current site (if applicable) and grade it accordingly. This is optional because the majority of my clients that I work with come to me with no website at all and are looking for the great opportunities that come from it. If you have a website currently, I’ll take a look at it, no charge and give you the best design feedback and just as important, an SEO take on what I see. You can take this info back to your designer that I pass along. Nothing I do should be a secret and I feel my services sell themselves.


Lets talk about design. I design a site that compliments your business model and makes it easy for your clients and potential prospects to find and navigate easily. Basically everything on your site works and is aesthetically pleasing.

For example, see the catering web page. We know that as consumers we love visuals and we love food. For our client PBS catering, who by the way makes some of the best catered foods and at great prices, we took a visual experience and show cased several items on the PBS menu, directly on the home page. We know that the home page is your hook for visitors and those visitors to your website that are seeking your services and their first time visiting your website. We also know that we only have a few seconds to grab that users attention before they leave or say, I want to see more. And we can prove this interaction with website analytics which is a direct confirmation if our findings are correct or not.

Check out our SEO services for more details on website analytics.

In this case I can tell you, this on24web client does a good job of grabbing his audience with this type of layout.

Next we will build your website to what we feel is the most effective way to reach your target audience. Basically its giving your users pages that are the most relevant to what they searched for. You don’t need to throw the whole kitchen sink at your users. Just give them what they want and in the most timely manner cause, we again want to grab their attention quickly.

I basically build a website for you that is most effective for your core audience. I do have a number of extended services that are ALL included in your package. Click here for more details.
So take a look at your website and if you are thinking of having one developed or revamped I would love the opportunity to work with you or if you’re already working with someone, perhaps consider what it is that is included.

Do I need a website?

Greetings from on24web.

Well its a new year and I’m going to start it off with the question I hear the most from customers I network with, which is Why do I need a website? This is a shorter version of our previous blog of why every business needs a website. Well its very simple, without a web presence in today’s market, your business runs a very high risk of loss, which translates into cash. Know that we’re in a technological society and today’s consumers go to the internet for all of their good and services. Consumers are hungry for good service and products and they know that these can easily be found with a few clicks of a mouse. So why do I need a website? Well below you will find the most common reasons why it is so critical to our businesses success.


Here are a few reasons why you should not wait to get online.

  • Lends credibility to your business
  • Gives users an opportunity to find out more about your business before contacting you
  • Best way to connect with your audience locally and far away
  • Great ice breaker for getting to know your new customers
  • Your website is always open 24/7
  • Let your website handle some of your customer service for you ie: FAQs, contact forms, information, etc

If you feel your business needs this type of presence, consider contacting us today for a no hassle FREE consultation.

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Tiffany From The Golub Group says:

Roger did an amazing job re-vamping our company website. He was very professional and responsive every time we wanted to make a change or implement a new idea. It was wonderful working with him.