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Do I need a website?

Greetings from on24web.

Well its a new year and I’m going to start it off with the question I hear the most from customers I network with, which is Why do I need a website? This is a shorter version of our previous blog of why every business needs a website. Well its very simple, without a web presence in today’s market, your business runs a very high risk of loss, which translates into cash. Know that we’re in a technological society and today’s consumers go to the internet for all of their good and services. Consumers are hungry for good service and products and they know that these can easily be found with a few clicks of a mouse. So why do I need a website? Well below you will find the most common reasons why it is so critical to our businesses success.


Here are a few reasons why you should not wait to get online.

  • Lends credibility to your business
  • Gives users an opportunity to find out more about your business before contacting you
  • Best way to connect with your audience locally and far away
  • Great ice breaker for getting to know your new customers
  • Your website is always open 24/7
  • Let your website handle some of your customer service for you ie: FAQs, contact forms, information, etc

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Tiffany From The Golub Group says:

Roger did an amazing job re-vamping our company website. He was very professional and responsive every time we wanted to make a change or implement a new idea. It was wonderful working with him.