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Whenever I build any website project, we should all consider using your domain email, which is the the first thing I setup whenever you become a customer with us. An email account with you@yourdomain is the best approach when introducing yourself to your clients and contacts. There’s alot to be said about using your domain name as your email address. The first is instant credibility to your audience. When I hand you my business card, its a nice glossy card with my logo, phone number and email address. Its the best introduction to that person you’re networking with.

I know sounds a bit crazy but imagine the services you expect from that business you’ve entrusted yourself and cash with. Everything must line up and be perfect. Users that visit our websites inquiring about our services will back off if they see that our email address is something like dragonfire525@. Your most novice user sitting at their desk, looking for our goods and services, are very keen shoppers. They put together the product they are looking for, the way its presented to them and how they are able to obtain that service or product. And guess what the final piece is in all of that? You got it, your email address.

We use Social Media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and many others to keep pace with those in our networking contacts and along with having a clean website, the common denominator when you look at all those sites is you and how to contact your business.

If you’re working with someone who built your website and helps you maintain it, ask them about using your domain email as part of your hosting. If you run into a roadblock or just have a question let me know. I’m always happy to give guidance for any issue(s). Try me out. I’ll bet you can’t stump me.

on24web provides unlimited email accounts and space at no extra charge. If you have any questions do feel free to let me know.

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